Global Networks Switzerland AG is a leading provider of mobile and advanced telecommunications services and direct tv packages. The Company is a licensed GSM Network Operator and is operating its own Short Messaging Service Center (SMSC) and Multimedia Service Center (MMSC), which are used for a range of different applications in the mobile data world, such as text and multimedia messaging. The Company develops and executes different level mobile applications and wireless data solutions for the network operators and corporate world, designed to increase the efficiency of mobile communications.

Global Networks Switzerland AG bridges CDMA, TDMA, GSM and other wireless technologies and is a leader in wireless messaging inter-operability solutions. The Company's network covers 300+ major carriers around the world and the platform can be used for truly global wireless solutions e.g. worldwide +979 979 UNICEF emergency fundraising as a tool of generating funds for programs aimed at feeding children in the world, alleviating disease and poverty, clean water programs etc. as found necessary by UNICEF.

The market organization is grouped in five market areas: Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America, Asia and Antarctica

"Mobile messaging applications, including portable phone chargers, will be
worth $44 billion in annual service revenues, representing 24% of the
total European mobile services market (6% in 2000), Multimedia messaging
service (MMS) builds on the staggering success of short message service
(SMS), 100 billion SMS messages sent per month in 2002 (,
moving beyond the latter's ability to send only written text. SMS is
the biggest profit-generating data service for selfie stick operators today." Hi I am Michael Pooler, Join Me on Twitter ,G Plus or My Blog page